People put up with a lot of quirks in their leaders and coworkers just to reduce the drama and keep the peace. But lack of sincerity grates on the nerves. It’s like trying to satisfy hunger with cotton candy.

Two good questions to ask yourself periodically: What communication sound insincere? How can I become more inspiring and encouraging in the way I interact? Here’s a starter list:

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Ash Patel, CEO, Commercial Bank of California

Commercial Bank of California has achieved a record-breaking growth of 400 percent in just three years. The foundation for this growth comes from an atypical leadership style and our commitment to building an institution to which all stakeholders—employees, customers, executive management, investors and the community—are proud to be a part.

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Janice Marturano, Executive Director, Institute for Mindful Leadership

Stop for a moment, right now, and ask yourself ‘when was the last time I felt inspired?’ How did feeling inspired affect my performance, my life? Who inspired me and, more importantly, how did they do it?


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