As a leader, you create the culture that either helps your teams thrive––or barely survive. Obviously, no leader intentionally stalls or stymies a team. But even the best leaders occasionally make mistakes that freeze their people rather than free them to excel. Here’s how that happens:

Avoid These 5 Mistakes Leaders Make That Cripple Teams

Mistake #1: Promising Rather Than Asking

Three Choices That Will Make You an Accelerator

By Craig W. Ross



Accelerators can be found in every level of every organization; they get those around them to the point of realized potential more quickly and create faster, more efficient results. But, what is an Accelerator and how do you know if you can call yourself one? Here are three deliberate choices leaders can make to increase their potential, and that of their teams, to become Accelerators.

Ritch K. Eich, author, Leadership Requires Extra Innings

Whether you are assembling a group of leaders to occupy key posts in your C-suite or fielding a winning Olympic hockey team, many of the essential building blocks are the same.

In an increasingly turbo-charged, competitive, and global business environment, there is plenty of talent to be found around the world.   The biggest challenge is sifting through that talent and putting together a winning team.  What should the CEO of a company or the coach of a hockey team look for when building his or her team? From my experience, there are five core attributes that are essential to putting together a successful team whether that team is in the C-suite or on the ice:


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