Ask most people what business they’re in and they’ll likely tell you what they do for a living. Some will define themselves by the product they produce or the services they provide, others will default to their job title or their role as a way of defining their business. The problem with these definitions is that they only make sense within a particular time frame and context.

Have you ever met a manager who intended to motivate staff but instead demoralized them?  Most have no idea of their negative effect. And that’s definitely not their intention. In talking with such managers or those who report to them, what surfaces are habits, attitudes, practices, and skill deficiencies that lead employees to disrespect, disengage, and decide to leave them for a more pleasant workplace.

The first day I sauntered into Miss Amos’s English class, I was scared. Not because of the subject or because this was my first day in a big city school—I was startled by her face. My first thought: Did some terrible disease do this to her?



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