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Michael Barbolla, COO, Level Group

When I started in the real estate industry 15 years ago, my manager paired me with a more experienced broker who worked closely with me for several months. This high achiever had detailed information on the real estate industry and gave me the “low down” on how to negotiate. I was exposed on a daily basis to what success in my field looked like. That was invaluable and I’ve never forgotten how pivotal it was to my career.

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Stanley Abbott, Author, Enjoy Stress

In today’s professional world, many in the corporate world believe we can easily fend off or avoid stress. Nothing could be further from the truth. Defined medically, zero stress is death. Stress will automatically be in your life as a consequence of being alive. If you feel unable to cope with your stress, you only need to increase your effectiveness with creative coping skills. This, paired with some strategic practices, can help increase your efficiency and success when dealing with stress in the workplace.

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Kate Purmal and Lisa Goldman, Co-authors, The Moonshot Effect: Disrupting Business as Usual

CEO of software company Versaic, Burt Cummings learned the hard way about the importance – and power – of making effective requests. After getting into circular and totally unproductive loops with team members involving miscommunications and missed deadlines, Burt got some advice from team Goldman that turned the whole situation around. “I learned that ambiguity is the enemy of results. I – and my entire team – was lacking clarity about expectations, deadlines and results. Once I adopted the magic formula, everything changed. We were able to move faster, accomplish more and cut the stress dramatically.”



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