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Ken Ungar, Founder & President, CHARGE

As a CEO, it’s easy to focus on the company’s business and not give any thought to your own personal brand. That can be a dangerous oversight, however. If you don’t define your brand, someone else will. And you may not like the results.

the ceo magazine, branding,
Lesley Everett, Author, Corporate Brand Personality

Have you considered the benefit to your organisation if you were to increase your visibility and exposure to the outside world?  Imagine developing your personal brand to a level that makes you so marketable and of such high interest that the invites come flooding in for panel appearances, digital and broadcast media interviews and presentations. How would this make you feel?

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Dr. Michael R. Burcham, CEO, Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

One of the most important things you can work on today is figuring out who you (really) are, what you are passionate about, and how this should influence (and build) your personal brand and reputation. You should constantly build and nurture your personal brand – it is the one thing that will allow you to make the jump from one pursuit to the next. 


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