Gain a reputation for always being the one with new ideas and solutions to problems and you’ll quickly set yourself apart from the pact. That distinction requires brainpower. But trying to think on your feet under pressure before an audience or offering answers off the cuff in a meeting doesn’t always represent your best thinking. 

So what exactly does improve your chances for analytical thinking?

1.  Argue your case or prove your point in writing

the ceo magazine, leadership

Espoused beliefs reflect those perceptions that an organization’s leaders consider “correct.” Over time, members of an organization learn that certain beliefs work to reduce uncertainty, so these beliefs gradually develop into an articulated set of norms and operational rules of behavior that serve as a guide for dealing with ambiguity or difficult events.  As new members join the organization, others influence them through education about these beliefs.

the ceo magazine, leadership

Traditional leadership is like traditional selling – telling everyone what to do, and/ or what you expect.

Non-traditional leadership, like non-traditional selling, is the opposite.  It is no longer about selling by telling, it is more about engaging by asking and empowering others to make a decision.  



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