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John F. Dowling

In 1985, Dick Yuengling took over the family beer business due to the failing health of his father. During that time, three major brewers controlled 70% of the US Domestic beer market. Yuengling’s share was 0.065%. Some independent brewers gave up and sold off to larger competitors. Other smaller brewers followed the M&A strategy to get bigger and chase the big 3 (Anheuser- Busch, Miller & Stroh’s).

the ceo magazine, pivoting,
Sachin Kamdar, Co-founder & CEO,

Building a startup can sometimes feel a bit like waiting for the subway for too long. After you spend more than 20 minutes waiting, you begin to feel more invested -- you’ve waited for so long that the next train must be arriving soon. It is difficult to admit that you may need to start walking or call a cab, or that the subway might not be coming after all.

the ceo magazine, pivoting,
Tom Leahey, Principal & Lead for Strategic Growth Advisory Practice, Windham Brannon

Leave it to Silicon Valley to introduce yet another business term―so futuristic and symbolic―that its meaning is barely recognizable beyond those in the know. We’ve had these episodes before. Terms such as “accelerator,” “revenue linearity,” and “asymmetric returns” have been thrown at us before by ranks of entrepreneurs and financiers all hungry to coin the next catch phrase.



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