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Ramona Fasula is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and owner of a company called Wellness by Ramona. Her company teaches clients the link between nutrition and wellness and how to use food as medicine.  Focusing on disease management and prevention through nutritional counseling, healthy cooking classes, meal planning, and pantry makeovers, clients are given the motivation and empowerment to reach their health goals and move towards a truly healthy lifestyle.  Ramona is currently in the process of building her second company, which focuses on top level executives-helping them optimize their health, so they can optimize their business performance.
Ramona will customize programs based on your health needs.  She has designed programs aimed at fighting heart disease, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, and a host of other serious health conditions.  She understands the healing properties of natural food and believes that the first line of defense against disease comes from your kitchen, not a pill bottle.  She believes that there are many aspects to good health, besides nutrition, and addresses them all during the course of your program.

Ramona is truly passionate about health and wellness and has dedicated her life to helping others enjoy a better quality of life.  With a host of various certifications in the health and wellness field, she will be pursuing a second master’s degree in holistic nutrition in the near future, which will be followed by a doctorate in nutrition science.  She is also a first time author of “A Health Coach’s Guide to Heart Health”.  With so much passion and knowledge, it is easy to see why she has achieved the level of success that she has had with her clients.

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