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A successful business owner and happily married man, Scott Deming did not truly know his purpose until he was faced with the tragic death of his two-year old granddaughter, Amaya. Now his purpose is two-fold:  First, he is on a mission to help organizations and individuals create a meaningful, profitable, and sustainable professional life based on putting relationships and value above all else. Second, he is on a mission to save young children from preventable and horrific tip-over deaths.

“To honor Amaya, my family wore pink to her funeral,” said Deming. “I continue to wear pink nail polish on my pinky to always remember my purpose. Once you know your purpose and believe in it with all of your heart, you must surround yourself with people who also believe and then communicate it to family, friends, colleagues and customers in a message that is powerful, respectful and intriguing.”

In addition to loving his family deeply, Deming has a passion for business. He loves that someone can have an idea and use their creativity, smarts and hard work to make a difference. Business is a way for people to express their values and make an impact in our world. Deming can discuss the fact that he has the right formula not only for helping new businesses get off of the ground but also for helping companies struggling with their identity and those who want to create meaningful, sustainable organizations.

A media savvy speaker and compelling leadership trainer, Scott Deming is also a veteran businessman, board member, marketer and community volunteer. He has been changing company cultures for thirty years with his unique approach to critical thinking and value-driven branding. He speaks, trains and consults with the largest and smallest companies in the world, helping them to create cultures that matter and cultures that last. At his core, however, Deming is compassionate and generous and his purpose in life is to help clients, friends and strangers make a positive change – either in their personal life, professional life, or organization. He is the founder and Chairman of Safe and Sound with Amaya, one of the original founders and past board member of Service Nation, past board member of several non-profits, graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, has four children and lives with his wife Deborah in Syracuse, NY.   

Deming’s new book, Powered by Purpose, can be found at Barnes & Noble as well as on and other fine booksellers.

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