The business plan. It has been the “must” for every would-be entrepreneur. When I first started out, I read all the books about how to create the perfect one before I ventured out to get funding. While everyone has their own twist on what to include, there are some typical components. They range from an executive summary, to analyzing the competition, customer profiles, marketing and the like. It took quite a bit of time and research to develop my first plan which was lengthy- you might say it was more like a thesis. But, it did help me get funded.

the ceo magazine, succession planning
Mark Doyle, Partner, Tredway Lumsdaine & Doyle LLP

Communication is key when building a lasting business strategy. CEOs know this to be true, and the most successful among them will establish a clear, concise and compelling plan to accomplish their goals. Once those goals are met however, it is surprising how many business leaders drop the ball when building – and communicating – an effective succession plan.

the ceo magazine, strategy
Fred J. Conforti, Author, Beyond Goals…Beyond LEAN

In the previous article we talked about needing a vision for the future. We also outlined the typical shortcomings keeping any company from being the best it can be.



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