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Soren Eilertsen, President, Kollner Group, Inc.

Historically, business survival has been dependent on a sound model that generates bottom line results and the primary focus of the CEO has been to ensure the company makes money. As society has evolved and advances in technology have enhanced awareness of global issues, this basic concept comes into question. With information just a click away, local, national and international challenges, such as global warming, pollution, homelessness, cost of education and hunger, just to name a few, are increasingly in the forefront of people’s minds.

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When I ran my own agency, I knew that intrigue was crucial to getting a potential client involved, but if I failed to deliver something of substance, I would have never secured those clients, or I’d have soon lost them. And the key to delivering substance was research. Every time we pitched a company, we made bold claims, but they were always backed up by facts. The formula was simple enough: Ask the right question about the organization, provide an answer, and then provide a solution.


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