Few people admit to poor communication habits—much less habits that can cost them a promotion, a job, or a deal. Yet we’ve all seen the following bad habits in colleagues from time to time—and for some, they occur on a daily basis.  Guard against letting these creep into your own interactions with staff, peers, or partners:

10 Poor Leadership Communication Habits

1. Abrupt Topic Changes

As a leader, you create the culture that either helps your teams thrive––or barely survive. Obviously, no leader intentionally stalls or stymies a team. But even the best leaders occasionally make mistakes that freeze their people rather than free them to excel. Here’s how that happens:

Avoid These 5 Mistakes Leaders Make That Cripple Teams

Mistake #1: Promising Rather Than Asking

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Karissa Thacker, Founder & President, Strategic Performance Solutions Inc.

Feedback has become the new f word in the workplace. It is starting to make people more uncomfortable than the other f word that you probably thought of. Delete the word “feedback” from your workplace vocabulary now. I will offer up some useful phrases that might actually promote productive, honest conversations. Here is the problem with the f word.



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