If you are like most small business owners you probably don’t take a lot of vacations. We all know we should take more but things come up. When I do go on vacation I relax and come back to work refreshed. I must say I don’t like to take too much time away because, frankly I get bored. Maybe that’s because I love my work. I also know other business owners who feel the same way. Not surprising! What is surprising to many is a recent study of employees regarding vacation time.

So you did it? You booked a vacation and you are actually going to leave your business. For many small business owners taking a vacation is scary. What if a customer needs you? What if a project gets derailed and your team needs you? What if nobody needs you or for that matter does not even notice that you are gone?

That’s really scary!

All of the local news channels in our area are in the “back- to-school” programming mode. There are features about how to get the most from the last few weeks of summer, trying to get kids back on a regular schedule and planning for back-to-school shopping.

With all of the attention, I had to stop and go back to count how many days I had taken off this summer. It was telling. Not many.



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