Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan was a rising star in artificial intelligence, specifically artificial neural networks, and held leadership positions with national training companies before becoming President and Managing Director of The Regis Company, whose leadership programs are designed to fundamentally change the way leaders think.

It’s an exciting time for brain science, which has become a source of buzz in CEO circles. As CEOs grapple with tight competition, workforce issues, slimming margins, technological advancements — all while trying to filter out interfering noise from the Internet, smart phones, and various media — many are turning to neural leadership practices to keep their businesses on the fast track to productivity and profitability.

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Why do most training programs fail to change behavior? One of the main reasons is most of the programs focus on the characteristics of leadership. These are generally vague concepts that encapsulate a list of desirable attributes, such as, charisma, vulnerability, confidence etc., which are often unattainable or at odds. That is, they require an individual to move across a rather broad spectrum of abilities or to go against his innate styles.  


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