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Vanessa Williams and John Madigan

Exploring the reasons and benefits of creating a diverse, inclusive and collaborative team. Investigating the impact a committed leadership team has on implementing cultural change in their organization and ensuring positive results.

unity, team collaboration, leadership

By Craig W. Ross

A common misconception is that consensus is needed among team members to drive high performance. The Rolling Stones were on to something when they sang, “you can’t always get what you want.” But I’ve found that focusing on team collaboration, rather than consensus, helps companies actually get what they need.

the ceo magazine, leadership

There are so many books and speeches/seminars on leadership, yet there are so few leaders. The demand for great leadership has never been higher. Today, the pace of change in business is dramatically faster than in earlier times. Top executives in firms today report fiercer competitive business environments and more globalized patterns of operations than ever. Technological advances continue to significantly impact both communication infrastructures and the strategic business decisions that executives make in terms of trade, resources, and competition.



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