Year-end is just around the corner for those of us that close out the year on September 30th. That means it’s time to assess our accomplishments and reward employees for their work. Assessing the business for me is not just about growing the top line, although that is critically important. But there are other measures we need to consider.

The news has been terrible for years so small business owners are hungry for some good news. They got it. In a recently released survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA), there was a sense of confidence that finally things might be on the upswing.  If you want to check out the whole report here is a link

If you just want the highlights here’s just a sampling of the results.

All of the local news channels in our area are in the “back- to-school” programming mode. There are features about how to get the most from the last few weeks of summer, trying to get kids back on a regular schedule and planning for back-to-school shopping.

With all of the attention, I had to stop and go back to count how many days I had taken off this summer. It was telling. Not many.



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