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Maria Dykstra, Co-founder, Tredigital

If you’re a CEO or company founder, there’s no doubt social media is part of your executive strategy. The hitch? There are at least four common social media myths executives stumble over in the path to digital community connection.

the ceo magazine, social media

Many brands today are engaging in transformative conversations with customers through social media. These conversations and the relationships that follow allow these brands to fundamentally change the way they do business, ensuring that as customer needs change they’re positioned to capture those changes, adapt, and thrive.

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Developing and representing your brand effectively on social media is one of the most important tasks to think about when jumping into social media marketing.  By doing so, you bring brand awareness and cohesiveness to your audience to build familiarity and trust.

Representing your brand on social media is fairly simple as long as your business has its ideals and image secured.  On multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you’re able to upload cover photos, the goal is have the same look and feel on all of the networks.



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