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Kristine Woolsey is a powerhouse business strategist, speaker, and author. She guides leaders to connect their value proposition, brand, organizational structure, operations, and facilities and then align those with research based natural behavior patterns in order to to dramatically improve results. She consults with companies in times of change, rapid growth, relocation, and reorganization, helping them make strategic changes to fully support their business success.  She is also an expert in the future of work, identifying the behavioral patterns that have appeared in response to new technologies, and helping companies transform their organizations to attract and retain younger workers with those behavior patterns.  Besides her speaking and consulting work, Kristine is working with the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University on launching a new Design Thinking program and also currently mentoring MBA students in leadership competencies. 

Kristine actually began as a professor in the College of Architecture at ASU researching the impact of the built environment on experience and behavior then left ASU to launch her own architectural firm. In its early days, her firm provided Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction and quickly became one of the largest firms in the west. The work was awarded and published and she landed projects for national clients like Anheuser Busch and Ticketmaster who were interested in behavioral strategies.

Serendipity put Kristine at a conference table once a month for 15 years with CEOs running local, national, and global companies. She came to the table with BOMA, ADA, and FFE, and added ROI, EBITDA, EPS, GAAP, IRR, and others to the mix. She walked away with  15 years of in-the-trenches business education that has led to her success and her passion for helping leaders see their companies into the future.

Kristine was trained as an architect, moved into the business arena, then gave a TEDx talk in 2011 that lead to consulting in the overlap between business and design.  Her experience in consulting with multi-national corporations led to her current book “Norm Follows Function: A CEO’s Guide to Behavioral Design”.  The E-book will be available late spring of 2014.   This book is broken into sections, each a typical human behavior pattern.  She takes each behavior looks at the research that establishes it, discusses the implications for business strategy, and provides ideas for tactical implementation in today’s workplace.

Kristine is a teacher, advisor, and problem solver for her clients and students.  Passionate about the power of alignment and leveraging behavior, she is highly sought after as both speaker and consultant. 

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