Robert Salomon, Professor, NYU’s Stern School of Business

Globalization is an exciting trend and a catchphrase that now defines our modern era. Despite recent economic slowdowns in China and other emerging markets, a record breaking $1 trillion’s worth of cross-border deals were completed in 2015. And this figure is only set to rise as technological advances continue to connect the globe, presenting abundant opportunity.

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Julie Cottineau, Founder & CEO, BrandTwist

Whether you are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the founder of a start up with big plans, looking at branding best practices from successful brands such as Kool-Aid, Avon, Apple, and Virgin can yield some valuable lessons that can then be applied to your brand for big impact.

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Simon Slade, CEO & Co-founder, SaleHoo

Hiring staff can be one of the greatest challenges for a business owner because expanding your team with great talent is a constant necessity. The trend of remote work is a response to that challenge. suggests that 50% of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with partially remote work, and 80-90% of the workforce would like to work remotely. As employees and employers alike recognize the desirable nature of this arrangement, more businesses are looking for ways to implement a remote workforce.

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Jeff Van Gulick, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lines Practice Leader, HUB International

Corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and initial public offerings (IPO) bring necessary capital and resources to a growing company. But, these transactions can also be the impetus for legal recourse - a significant liability for the company’s directors and officers. 

Travel is essential to SME success in today’s global, hyper-connected workplace. Employees working with customers across the country or throughout the world is not uncommon – in fact, it’s quickly becoming the norm. While travel is essential to developing and maintaining important relationships, providing needed support and securing new business, this piece of your company’s budget can also be one of the most expensive elements of your operating budget.



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