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Marga Hoek, CEO, Sustainable Business Association

Every entrepreneur should want to improve the world. Those that do not, and especially businesses that consume and damage our social, environmental, and financial assets, are contributors to the economic, environmental and social problems that we are struggling with today. This recognition makes it clear that it is the business world that holds the key to the solution of many of these issues.  

Ask most people what business they’re in and they’ll likely tell you what they do for a living. Some will define themselves by the product they produce or the services they provide, others will default to their job title or their role as a way of defining their business. The problem with these definitions is that they only make sense within a particular time frame and context.

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Jeffrey Phillips & Alex Verjovsky, Authors, OUTMANEUVER: OutThink, don’t OutSpend

As a CEO you know how much pressure there is to perform. You want to hit the ground running, but you cannot afford to make too many mistakes.  Your board and your investors expect growth.  Customers demand new products and exemplary service. As a CEO I grew a biofuels startup from an idea to over $12 Billion in sales, and I was constantly under pressure to succeed.  Some of the questions I asked myself were: Should I continue with business as usual? How can I make any significant changes at an acceptable risk level? I found an answer in maneuver strategy.

Email is the scourge of our modern times. When I co-invented host-based email with my former partner Bob Green in 1984 it was because we found the telephone interrupted our creative processes. We wanted a way to communicate over mundane tasks, like when and where we would meet for lunch next week, without having to interrupt each other. We liked snail mail because the recipient could decide when they wanted to look for it.

The big day was approaching. By “big day” I don’t mean election day (which can’t come soon enough) or a wedding day, I mean the Super Bowl—THE big day for sports fans. To be clear, I am not a sports aficionado but even people like me watch the Super Bowl. Not because of the game (maybe for the nachos and hot wings), but for the commercials. This year there was a special television program recapping the top 50 Super Bowl commercials over the years.



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