No one sees a flower, really.  We haven’t time.

For to see a flower takes time,

like to have a friend takes time.  - Georgia O’Keefe 

The holidays are upon us.  The air is crisp; the few remaining leaves crackle.  As we dig out last year’s coats, we reach towards next year’s potential. 

Ambitious, we aim for higher achievements in 2016.  Expand the business, increase income, hire more staff, win awards, gain recognition.  So grow the ever-increasing demands on our time.  We must sacrifice for our success.  Mustn’t we?

What is success?  How will we know it?

We are so efficient.  We can whip off several texts while walking, barely registering the brief excursion outside.

Yet the best intentions can rob us of living fully – and isn’t relishing the beauty of daily life a hallmark of the holiday season?

Let’s try something novel.  Let’s agree to stroll outside for 10 minutes and simply peruse the environs.  Notice whether you return inside refreshed, better able to concentrate on work.  A pertinent aside: serious injuries from distracted walking have skyrocketed over the past four years.

This year, how about topping your list of resolutions with being present in your life?  Make real time for friends, colleagues, family…and even occasionally notice a flower.  It’s not solely the length of time you spend with others, it’s the quality.   Practice focusing on the people in front of you rather than the device beeping in your pocket.  Hint: Lessen temptation by turning off auditory alerts before they have a chance to intrude.

Want to get back to business?  Authentically paying attention to the people in your life creates a solid foundation for all those other goals on your list.

About the Author

Devora Zack, CEO of Only Connect Consulting, is a global keynote speaker, consultant, and coach with 100+ clients such as Cornell University, Smithsonian, Australian Institute of Management, U.S. Department of Education, and Mensa.  Her books, Singletasking, Networking for People Who Hate Networking, and Managing for People Who Hate Managing, are published in over 25 languages. She has been featured in dozens of media including ABC-TV, Fox Business, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company. 


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For this reminder to look up. Will challenge myself to be more present with clients, friends and children. Sometimes I'm so busy trying to wrestle my inbox down, that it's hard to remember what it's all about. Good mindset to start off the new year.

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