It’s an exciting time for brain science, which has become a source of buzz in CEO circles. As CEOs grapple with tight competition, workforce issues, slimming margins, technological advancements — all while trying to filter out interfering noise from the Internet, smart phones, and various media — many are turning to neural leadership practices to keep their businesses on the fast track to productivity and profitability.

Many health clubs see an explosion of members every January 1. In conjunction with  a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit, Americans join fitness centers with the sincere or insincere belief that they will actually show up for a work-out.

As the weeks of a new year tick by, so does the motivation to start or end a work day with a work out. What if a New Year’s Resolution turned your eye inward rather than outward? What if your focus was on the internal you rather than the external you?

People erroneously use the terms “excellent” and “exceptional” synonymously, but the two differ. “Excellent” implies a distinction from others but not necessarily rarity. For example, one might comment that a fourth-grade pianist is excellent, but she might be one of many in her class who shares the honor.



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