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Kim Staflund is the founder and publisher at Polished Publishing Group

In my role as a book publisher and sales coach for authors, I’ve learned that the top fear of introverted entrepreneurs is fear itself. And it comes in the form of self-doubt.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve sat and had a coffee with who have sheepishly shrugged their shoulders and said, “It’s probably a stupid idea. Maybe I shouldn’t do it.” To which I always reply, “How long have you been thinking about this idea? When did it first come to you?”

Gigi Stetler, Author, Unstoppable! Surviving is Just the Beginning

It’s no secret that our world is still in the grips of a major recession. Whether it is a personal financial crisis due to unemployment or the need to secure financing to get a business off the ground, the current economic climate calls for what I like to call "SurThrival Mode.” What do I mean by that? Let me use my story as an example.

I can tell you that my life story is perseverance personified. It illustrates that, whatever strife you are facing (aside from any life-endangering illness), not only will you survive it, but you can thrive. But, it's all about your attitude.

the ceo magazine, entrepreneurship
Angie Morgan, Co-founder, Lead Star

Entrepreneurialism.  When most hear that word they think excitement, adventure, and unlimited opportunities.  While true, there are other words that complete the picture: Stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 years.  While the journey has been worthwhile, it hasn’t been easy.  During those dark, difficult days when you wonder how you’ll make payroll, or whether the purchase order will come through, you need to rely on something to keep you going.



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