By Dan Bruder


Blank Swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic force leaders to step back and then step up. As the crisis swept the globe, skilled leaders evaluated the situation and were able to recognize the system-based impact of their focus, behaviors, and actions. They were able to turn anxiety into opportunities and focus on outcomes rather than obstacles.



By Bob Johansen


As the economy reopens after sheltering in place for months, many aspects of life will reopen at zero—not at the place they were before the shutdown.


By Gary Heil and Ryan Heil, Ph.D.


Leadership is in crisis. From the capitals of government to the hallways of our educational institutions to the executive suites on Wall Street, effective leadership is in short supply. We know it. We can feel it. 

For more than 30 years, Lynne Katzmann has led Juniper Communities, a public company and leader in seniors housing, by prioritizing doing well by doing good. Profits matter (she has investors, after all), but so does providing high-quality care and innovative services for her residents. It’s a “walking the talk” mindset that attracts professionals with a similar mindset, many of whom happen to be women.



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