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Stacey Engle, Senior Vice President, Fierce, Inc.

Significant events over the past year—including the presidential election, the ever-growing millennial workforce and key technological advancements—have brought to light a number of issues. These events have created tension and given rise to new demands in the workplace.

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Gabriel Bristol, President & CEO, Intelicare Direct

It is often said “the only constant in life is change,” and in business this takes on several meanings, especially relating to strategy. For example, when sales are up it is wise to develop a strategy for when they might fluctuate.

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David Martin and Kathy Quinn

Successful growth initiatives require an organizational shift at two levels, above and below the surface level. Even something as seemingly obvious as prioritizing the customer in an organization where this has not historically been the case demands more than a detailed list of new customer-centric processes. Processes, which are the visible, above the surface level things, change activities and put the organization in motion.


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