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Leslie H. Kaminoff, Author, THE GREAT MANAGEMENT RESET:  27 Ways To Be A Better Manager (Of Anything)

As managers, we have all spent endless hours coming up with possible solutions to motivate our staff.

Let us assume that each employee has all the necessary tools to perform their jobs effectively. These tools include technology and supplies, as well as intangibles such as work environment, benefits and peer relationships. We seem to be fairly clear regarding these basic needs.  But examining these items in greater detail will reveal that most of the required tools are in fact, intangible items.

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Greg Cappelli, CEO, Director & Chairman, Apollo Global, Inc,

They say good help is hard to find, and according to employers across the globe it’s only getting harder. The 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, recently released by ManpowerGroup, found that 38 percent of employers globally are having difficulty filling jobs. This marks not only a growth over recent years, but the highest percentage for that number since 2007.

the ceo magazine, workforce,
Andrew Scott, Professor, London Business School

Long run longevity trends mean that each generation on average lives for up to a decade longer than their parents. The consequence is that current 18 year olds have a more than 50% chance of living beyond 100. However, how we currently structure our career and life is still heavily based around a longevity of 70 years. This is creating a tension in the workplace that will be a growing corporate issue in the decades ahead. Dealing with this longevity, both in your own company and in your own career, will be increasingly important but can too easily be forgotten in the face of pressing short term concerns.



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