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Cynthia Kay is a passionate spokesperson for small business- speaking, teaching and coaching … all while running an award-winning company. Cynthia Kay and Company produces high-quality communications that are used on the national and international scene.

Speaking before the House of Representative Committee on Small Business was not exactly on my bucket list, but maybe it should have been. This past week I got a rare invitation to testify on behalf of the National Small Business Association. So, I decided to make the trip to Washington, DC. It was not exactly an easy trip. The weather was terrible and what should have been a 3 hour plane ride turned into an almost 14 hour ordeal.

Once every two years a committed, vocal group of small business owners gather at the Small Business Congress presented by the National Small Business Association to help set priorities for advocacy. This year the conference was held in Phoenix and it lived up to its promise to bring together the true voice of small business. Those who attended from across the country had the chance to listen to leading policy experts from across the country about some of the issues that we all face every day.

A Harris Poll was recently released on the Most Loved and Most Hated Companies

In this day and age of social media, contests are all the rage. At CK & CO we have sponsored contests and competed in contests. This past year we sponsored a video contest for high school and college students and awarded a cash prize. We also just competed in a contest sponsored by Supplier Connection.

Both were great visibility boosters for our business but before you decide to do either there are a few things you might want to consider.

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill dealing with the same concerns year after year?  I do when it comes to small business issues. First a little background. In 2012, members of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) met in Washington, DC for the Small Business Congress to discuss an agenda for the 113th Congress. There were more than 30 different issues that were debated and the group settled on the Top 10. As the 114th Congress gets underway, I decided to take look back to get some perspective. 



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