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For the past thirty years, John Guaspari has helped leaders take on the challenge of being more effective at attending to Employee Engagement and the rest of the so-called Intangibles.  His newest book is Otherwise Engaged: How Leaders Can Get a Firmer Grip on Employee Engagement and Other Key Intangibles (If, That is, It Were Possible to Grip Something That's Intangible).  Follow his blog--Musings--at his website:

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To observe that Jim Kouzes has some insightful things to say about leadership is a bit like pointing out that the sun could teach us a thing or two about illumination.  In his foreword to a new book on employee engagement, Jim packs a great deal of such insight into remarkably few words when he writes:

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Very broadly stated, business leaders have two categories of responsibilities to attend to: 1) the tangible, measurable-to-n-significant-digits hard stuff; and 2) the intangible, perhaps-measurable-but-only-by-proxy-at-best soft stuff. Most leaders are more comfortable working in category #1 since they also generally have a bias toward logical, rational, data-driven approaches to the issues at hand.



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