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Wesley Middleton, Author, Violent Leadership: Be a Force for Change. Disrupt. Innovate. Energize

Traditionally, an effective leader was seen as someone equipped with a variety of skills essential for them to grow a business. This notion has remained a part of our belief for a long time, and because of this notion, we expect leaders to be experts at everything. However, this expectation brings massive pressure and is now seen as ineffective by many. While becoming a leader entails work that grows a business, it should not include the leader being responsible for every task.

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Dr. Patricia Thompson, Author, “The Consummate Leader

When the buck stops with you, it can be difficult to separate yourself from work.  Being on the receiving end of pressure from shareholders, the sense of responsibility to do right by those who report to you, and the ultimate accountability that comes with being at the helm of an organization, can sometimes feel like a burden.  Add to that the ubiquitous smart phone making one accessible around the clock, and one can understand how difficult it can be for CEOs to “unplug” and take full advantage of down-time.

Doug and Polly White

Most entrepreneurs want to grow their companies. However, the road to success is often a bumpy one. While many businesses start quickly growing revenues and profits, they frequently plateau well short of their potential. This often leaves the owner confounded regarding why his or her once thriving enterprise has fallen on hard times.



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