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“Gone viral” is a phrase that marketers are desperately chasing these days. They all want their products to “go viral” and many businesses that have sprung up that provide services to make your product, idea or cause go viral. Now they may be effective or just making money off a latest fad, because “virality” seems to be a unpredictable and spontaneous. Yes, an interesting concept, a superior product, a heart tugging cause, clever advertising can increase the chances of virality, but there are so many ideas that have these characteristics but have failed to gather any significant attention. 

Melissa Gonzalez

It’s no secret that everyone has a digital footprint, providing companies with a plethora of information on past actions, interests, patterns and beyond. For retailers that properly utilize this information, personalization can be taken to a new level. And, the more technology advances, the more it's integrated into ones daily life and the lines between what people do online and what people do in real life begin to merge. As these lines merge, customers expect an omni-channel (not multi-channel) experience, a fully integrated and seamless experience regardless if they are shopping via desktop, a mobile device or in a physical store.


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