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Christine Comaford, Author, Power Your Tribe

Has your organization ever suffered from Competitive Crush?

Competitive crush is when a competitor has swooped out of left field, raiding an organization’s top performers and key customers like an unstoppable force of nature.

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Mike Weinberg, Best-Selling Author, Top Sales Influencer

I learned the lesson during my first stint in consulting that you don’t transform organizations from the bottom! As a former top-producing sales hunter and expert sales technician, I mistakenly believed that if I trained and coached individual producers using the New Sales Driver framework (highlighted in my first book, New Sales. Simplified. [New York: AMACOM 2013]) it would create a dramatic, lasting change in the performance of sales teams. I was naïve, and I was wrong.

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Lewie Miller, CEO, Qvidian

We’re nearly three months into 2015. Have your New Year’s resolutions begun to fade? Are your best intentions falling by the wayside? If so, you’re not alone. It doesn’t take too long for the gyms to empty out and healthy eating “cheat” days to become more and more frequent.  However, while personal goals may be slipping a bit, it is important to stay true to your professional resolutions. It may seem like a chore now and be so easy to fall back into your old routines, but staying committed to your resolution of finding innovative solutions to support your sales team will help you meet end of year financial goals and eliminate some of that the end of year quota rush agita.



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