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John Mattone is the world's leading "game- changing" leadership and talent management authority. He was nominated for the prestigious 2013 Thinkers50 Leadership Award, which recognizes the global thinker who has contributed most significantly to our understanding of leadership over the last two years. 

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Last week I talked about the first (i.e., it is lonely at the top) of several reasons why CEO's need a coach and I introduced Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, who in a powerful video excerpt talked about why he works with a coach. It is my experience and, in fact, there are ample research studies that now exist that support my premise that most CEO's "in their head's" want to work with a coach, however, when it comes to actually "executing the decision", most decide not to work with a coach due to the negative stigma attached. In other words, most CEO's frankly are concerned that their boards and key stakeholders will see it as a sign of weakness that they are in fact working with a coach.

In the next week or so, I wanted to write about the need for CEO Coaching. I will identify seven concrete reasons why CEO’s need a coach. I begin with reason #1 below, “It’s Lonely at the Top”. But, first: An interesting study was just released by Stanford University/Miles Group that identifies the massive gap between CEO’s being receptive to coaching (i.e., 95%) and the percentage who actually receive coaching (i.e. less than 33%). 

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One day, he was sitting on top of the world with a $1-million salary and $5.5 million in stock options. The next day, his board asked him to resign in shame and embarrassment after being caught in a lie about a degree he said he had earned in the early 1980s from Stonehill College in Massachusetts. Who am I talking about?

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There is nowhere to hide. Not even the executive suite is safe from the changes sweeping business today. In fact, the impact of those changes is felt most keenly at the executive levels. CEOs, COOs, CFOs and senior vice presidents — like everyone else — have to hit the ground running and keep running fast.



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