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Dennis Reina, Ph.D. and Michelle Reina, Ph.D. are the founders of Reina, a consulting firm that builds trust in organizations. Dennis and Michelle’s clients include AMEX, Harvard University, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Toyota, Turner Broadcasting, Walt Disney World, and the United States Treasury Department among others.

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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

                                                            ~Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese poet

Despite the recent surge in values-based, servant-oriented leadership, executives at the top are still pressured to put profits before people. Below, we offer three reasons why devotion to short-term earnings shouldn’t trump your commitment to building long-term, trust-based professional relationships.

the ceo magazine, leadership

“When it comes to how employees feel about their employers, the big theme in this year’s study is trust – or a lack of it. What’s going on here?” - Harvard Business Review, discussing the APA’s recent Work and Well-Being Survey, which found that fully 25% of Americans don’t trust their employers

Do you consider yourself to be a trustworthy leader? Do you think the people you lead believe you have their best interests at heart?

the ceo magazine, leadership

Trust-building is often considered a “soft” component of management – one that can be delegated to an HR committee, trotted out during team-building activities, or shelved altogether in lieu of more “concrete” strategic initiatives. While it’s true that the trust people have in you is intangible, that doesn’t mean paying attention to it is optional. If you want to have a high functioning business – and become a high-functioning leader – you simply can’t afford to ignore one of the most basic drivers of human relationships and your leadership effectiveness.


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