Steve Mundahl

Steven Mundahl is the CEO of Goodwill Industries in Springfield, MA. He teaches leadership in the graduate program at Bay Path College. Mundahl is the author of several books: “Living the Goodwill Burn,” “100 Years of Goodwill,” “Driven to Succeed,” “There is Power in Belief,” and others. His latest book is “The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership”.

Scrooge Haunted by Ghost of Christmas

What did Dickens really show us in his famous Christmas story? Is it really about an old man who had given up hope in the joy of life, or is there a deeper lesson for us to learn?

Within us all is that crooked nosed humbug, Ebenezer Scrooge. Haven’t we all said “humbug” to neighbors who might not be able to speak our language, or “humbug” to those who put their hand out for a donation at the street corner?

Steven Mundahl, CEO and Sharon Massoth, Psychotherapist

Having an aptitude for leadership usually shows up early in life. Yet our greatest strengths also contain elements of our greatest weaknesses. Risk-taking is a good example. (I put a risk-taking quiz on my website for that reason.)

The ability to take good calculated risks can also turn into reckless behavior unless you have a strong “inner coach” at the helm.  We only need to read the morning headline of the latest “outed” leader to ask ourselves:


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