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Nell Merlino, CEO of Count Me In

Economists are predicting a year of economic growth for the U.S. economy but competition is tough for American businesses, especially for small businesses competing against a sea of big box competitors.  It’s important to note that many of today’s small businesses are owned and operated by women. They represent nearly 50% of privately held companies but only 2.6% of their businesses generate more than $1 million in revenue.*   So how can female entrepreneurs take advantage of the upswing in the economy and take their businesses to the next level?

Judd Hollas, Founder & Chief Inventor, EquityNet

Just some years ago the term “crowdfunding” was a foreign concept to many people who didn’t understand this new and alternative way to access capital. However, today the word has now become a part of the everyday business vernacular. In fact, businesses last year raised more than 5.1 billion dollars worldwide using this practice.

Leveraging Corporate Strategies to Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals! 

No More Resolutions….It’s about Your Plan!

It’s that time of year again -- time to make New Year’s resolutions!  According to,1 62% of us will make a resolution and only 8% of us will succeed!   It’s no wonder that with such a low success rate that 38% of the population never make New Year’s Resolutions. 



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