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Ludovic Gaudé, CEO, intive

Oh acquisitions. ‘Tis the time for new partnerships, company growth - and yes, employee stress and uncertainty. Acquisitions often ignite organizational restructuring and the implementation of unfamiliar processes. And in many cases, it’s not uncommon for staff on both sides of the table to feel as if their workplaces have spiraled out control - like a typhoon has just landed, if you will.

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Thomas Bertels and Charles Depasse


Low interest rates are fuelling a wave of mergers and acquisitions to levels not seen before the financial crisis.[1] In addition to financial buyers, who are taking advantage of inexpensive debt, companies across all industries use the current environment to achieve economies of scale and grow market share. And a more sophisticated sales process has made deals more expensive, compared to the environment a decade ago.

the ceo magazine, mergers and acquisitions,

We’ve all heard the doom and gloom statistics about mergers and acquisition. Even those that don’t move the financials to the wrong side of zero often fail to delight shareholders and stakeholders. Poor evaluation procedures take part of the blame—but only part. A failure to carefully plan for the integration has some culpability too. In the heat of finalizing the deal, integration is often left until the last minute or ignored entirely. To avoid the traps of integration, start by analyzing the Five Essential Traits for Successful M & A: vision, financial synergy, operations, talent, and culture.



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