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Michael Parker, Author, It’s Not What You Say: How to Sell Your Message When It Matters Most

In the days of ‘control and command,’ leaders could rely on positions of hierarchy that allowed them to indulge in communication that was essentially one way. This communication needed to be clear but it assumed an audience - a workforce - ready to take instruction and ‘follow the leader,’ because that was what you did to keep your job.

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Anthony Zolezzi, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO Advisor and Author

As an advocate for success, I find myself asking many of the same old questions.  What made that team so successful? How did that group get so much more done than the rest? How does this person make everything seem effortless and how are they so productive? Why do some "play in the sandbox" so well and others don't?  I am constantly in search of learning what makes personal and work relationships buzz with joy. I know there are multiple components and many times I see different virtues come to light, but throughout my own experience it usually comes down to one simple virtue that stands above the rest.

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Jason Hogg, Senior Lecturer at Cornell University

The relationship between a boss and an employee can make a huge impact on performance, work culture, productivity and communication in any job.  Naturally, expectations and social norms are different between colleagues and supervisors -- but how can you maintain that balance?

Here are some tips on how bosses from any kind of field can properly brand themselves to their employees:



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