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Wendy Raizin, Founder & Designer at Raizin Design

While working as an investment banker within New York’s famous financial district, I made the bold decision to pursue my creative eye through interior design. Since launching my business, Raizin Design, LLC, in 2002, I have turned my passion into profit by making a name for myself as a “designer for the stars,” creating and executing high-end home designs for the likes of Hollywood director Judd Apatow.

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Tim Leberecht, Author, The Business Romantic

It’s a tough talent world out there. While the economy is picking up, workers are disenchanted. Worldwide, as a recent Gallup poll shows, only 13% of them are engaged. Many employees feel disconnected from their leadership: Studies indicate that trust in business leaders is extremely low, and there is a concerning gap between management believing their staff is inspired by their company’s mission and how committed their employees truly are.


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