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Michael Barbolla, COO, Level Group

When I started in the real estate industry 15 years ago, my manager paired me with a more experienced broker who worked closely with me for several months. This high achiever had detailed information on the real estate industry and gave me the “low down” on how to negotiate. I was exposed on a daily basis to what success in my field looked like. That was invaluable and I’ve never forgotten how pivotal it was to my career.

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Bill Bartlett, THE SALES COACH’S PLAYBOOK:  Breaking The Performance Code

During my twenty-two years as a training/development consultant and executive coach, I have interacted with thousands of CEOs who represent businesses that are diverse both in size and function. Most are quite adept at getting the job done as they define it, however, they seem to focus on just one aspect of leadership.

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           If you played sports in school, did the coach play everyone equally? Create an egalitarian form of governance in which each person had a say? Or, did the stars, the one who had the innate athletic ability and drive to put it into action receive a disproportionate amount of playing time and the coach’s attention? If you won many games, I suspect the second scenario. Fairness demands each person receive an equal opportunity to succeed, not equal treatment along the way.



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