The non-stop political ads have ceased. I think everyone is happy about that. But in the week following the elections the analysis has continued. Everyone is trying to figure out how the changes will play out and if bipartisanship has a chance. There is great speculation about what we will see from the lame duck session and the 114th Session of Congress that will begin in January. Many of the small business owners I have talked to are wondering where small business ranks with the new leadership.

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Gerry Reffo, Co-Author, Leadership PQ

What will they need to do?

Predicting the future is risky; nonetheless the following trends offer some clues.

Financial and Social Profit

Many global business leaders know that delivering for society also delivers for the business. Some consider this cynical. Others see it as liberating. Most people much prefer to work in a business, or buy from one that makes a profit and helps others.


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