Those who can't manage themselves can't be expected to manage anything else either.

Beverly D. Flaxington

I often remind my coaching clients that the reason most companies have a pyramid structure is that not many people are cut out for leading the charge. Unfortunately, very often a person who is politically connected, or who has done a good job and is technically competent, or who has paid their dues, may be selected for a top role.

Vaughn L. McKoy

Mentorship changed my life. It helped me survive the streets and escape the poverty and the seemingly inescapable cycle of drugs, crime, prison and death that traps young people, especially African-American boys. Over the course of 44 years, many men and women have played crucial roles in my development at various stages. 

Allen Elkin

Hoboken, NJ (June 2013)—Benjamin Franklin once commented that “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Well, Ben, most Americans have a third item to add to your list: stress.



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