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Gustav Degerman, Founder & CEO, Portfoliobox

CEO’s are notorious for taking control and managing their business, but at the same token, it is important for CEOs to empower their employees in a way that increases productivity, and in turn increases the overall business development. What better time than the present or the new year for business leaders to reflect on their business model. So what works and what doesn’t?

Business Leaders Need to Still Continuously Learn

Continuous learning is instrumental to any business. CEOs should never be satisfied with a pre-defined framework for managing product development so looking at organization software tools like Scrum or similar methods as recommendations helps businesses streamline processes and adjust to needs. Many IT managers, are more focused on following every step of their method than the actual outcome. The productivity of a team depends on a wide range of factors and every process must be adapted to the individuals.

Hire Staff that is Well Rounded

Do not hire staff that is qualified in one niche. All developers should be full stack developers, which means that they are expected to work on all parts of the system. If we were to hire developers only qualified in one niche, the product manager will have to analyze every user request and divide it among the developers. Since developers, for instance, are engineers who are capable of understanding new user requests, extract the requirements and solve the complete problem. Hiring good employees also means that you are limiting management. Having senior staff lead the team and support their junior peers, means that junior leaders can grow within an organization and that the company is not top heavy or micromanaged. This is not only beneficial from a productivity perspective, but it also increases the knowledge transfer between the employees.

The Improvement of Team Productivity

The improvement of team productivity is one of his most important tasks as the CEO of the company. For your employees, studying the latest trends, undertaking research and constantly learning new information allows them to come up with new and innovative ideas which should collectively translate into a competitive edge for your business.

With the appropriate tools and education, any company can flourish. It just takes the gut and willingness to make the change.

About the Author

Gustav Degerman is the founder and CEO of Portfoliobox, a leading CMS and website development tool for photographers and other creative people. With close to 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Degerman has become a leading voice in the IT space, and specifically, as it applies to website design. Portfoliobox has grown to become one of the best online website builders in the marketplace. Prior to founding Portfoliobox, Degerman ran a private IT consulting firm focused on web development. Degerman received a Master of Science, Integrated Product Development from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


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