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Julie C. Lellis and Melissa Eggleston

Zombies have no motive other than sustaining themselves. On reckless missions to find food at all costs, they alienate and repel others. Businesses can act like zombies, and they are often easy to spot! They may make decisions that don’t prioritize others and pay the price. They can’t move quickly or adjust to change. And we really don’t know what they will do or say next.

There are many ideas about the factors that contribute to the ethics of an organization. These ideas range from ethical leadership to a concern for stakeholders to having a mission beyond economic success. While these ideas seem plausible, there is little evidence to support them. More importantly, there is often little you can do to affect these factors. A company that makes coat hangers is limited in the extent to which it can make its mission inspiring.

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John G. Taft, CEO, RBC Wealth Management

As Chief Executive Officers, we each have a responsibility to set the tone not just for our individual companies but for our industries and society at large.

I believe this is so in every industry, but in no sector is more so today than in financial services, where public perception, trust and confidence in the value of services we provide remains at all-time lows, even some seven years after the financial crisis of 2008-09.



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