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Paul J. Zak, PhD, Professor, Claremont Graduate University

Fear or love?  At the most basic level, these are a leader's choices when seeking to motivate followers. Most managers, perhaps due to some hangover from the eighteenth century, lead by fear because, well, it works. Fear may not be explicit, though some managers still scream and yell, but it is often implicit in the "do this or you're out" approach.

Today, we hear a lot about seemingly squishy leadership approaches like "empathy," "humanity" and even "love."  Many business leaders I know would be happy to be Mr. or Ms. Nice at work but they have a feeling that this leadership style is not going to get the job done.  Or, at least that has been the prevailing wisdom.

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James Bowen & Brian MacNeice, Managing Directors, Kotinos Partners & Authors, Powerhouse – Insider Accounts into the World’s Greatest High Performance Organizations

By governance we mean the model by which an institution is run. Thinking about governance is the “stuff” of management and one of the tasks to which leaders look forward the least. In a high-performance context, however, governance is where the rubber hits the road.

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Gina Soleil, Author, Fuel Your Business

With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, we’re given an opportunity to reflect on the personal impact we have on this world, the leadership choices we make, and the legacy in which we want to leave behind. The world has lost a great leader, a man who brought resiliency to life, and walked a style of leadership so authentically rooted in truth that it turned the darkest of government into a light of hope, inspiration, and love for all the world to see. 


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