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Brad Murphy and Dr. Carol Mase, Authors, The Age of Surge: A Human-Centered Framework For Scaling Company-Wide Agility And Navigating The Digital Tsunami

Silos, bureaucracy, rigid boundaries—if you aren’t transforming your organization, you are putting your company at risk.  Challenging statement, we know. All those layers, fiefdoms, and decrees seem impossible to change, yet they impede the speed and communication organizations need in the digital age.  And, as you try to respond to escalating customer demand, doing things the way you’ve always done them is going to clog your innovative wheels.  Then, say goodbye to growth.

the ceo magazine, managing teams,
Jonathan Whistman, Author, The Sales Boss: The Real Secret to Hiring Training and Managing a Sales Team

Any business leader understands that their results depend largely on a team of people and the quality of efforts made by those people.  The greatest leaders however, understand people’s inherent need to belong and leverage this insight into human behavior.  Think of sport teams, religions, and political parties. 

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Dr. William A. Schiemann, CEO, Metrus Group

Who wouldn’t like to be more fulfilled?  If you’re not feeling totally fulfilled, you’re not alone.  Even if you are fulfilled, the odds are that many of your managers and employees are not, according to new study conducted by Metrus Institute.  In fact, few Millennials and only some Gen Xers describe their lives as fulfilled.



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