It goes without saying that both IBM and HP are legendary giants within the IT industry. 

However, each has suffered from a similar set of problems in the past, and now those issues are once again setting the stage for disaster.  These include a lack of vision, extremely poor decision making on part of their leadership, a continual focus on the wrong priorities, and the same old cheap bag of tricks being used time and again.

How to Achive Customer Affinity?  Provide Exquisite Care!

When you move beyond providing "customer service" and connect at a deeper level by providing solutions, it allows you to "understand and care."  It takes the customer's experience to an entirely new level.  When you genuinely care for your customer, they can feel it -- it touches their heart.  You truly make a difference in their life and business.  This results in Customer Affinity where your customers promote your business to others, resulting in increased revenues and market share.


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