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Each year clients hire me to help them make tough decisions, but in the process, I learn as much as they do. Some of the things I discovered this year reinforced lessons I discovered previously, but every year brings surprises too. Here are my recommended New Year’s resolutions for anyone who wants to improve a business in 2016:

the ceo magazine, business management,
W. Gary Sitton, Author, Fire Up Your Startup and Keep it Up

While I was a professor of computer science, I was asked to write a basic accounting and payroll package for two not-for-profit entities on campus.  It began to establish some traction in the late 70s, culminating in the creation of my company.

Bi-Tech Software, Inc. was incorporated April 3rd, 1981.  In 1995, the company was acquired by SunGard Data Systems.  At that time we had over 200 employees, 300 clients and $30 million per year in revenue.  My wife, Judy, and I stayed on to the run the company until our retirement in 2000.  Over the course of my career, I developed twenty-two business axioms which served us well as we morphed from a mom-and-pop shop in our home to a successful enterprise.  These are enumerated in this article.

About eleven years ago I wrote some tips for a business publication to share some of my thoughts about what I had learned in my first fifteen years in business.  If you do the math then you will know that the business is now over 25 years old. As I was going through some old files I found the article again.



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