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Steven L. Blue, President & CEO of Miller Ingenuity

What is a business? This might seem straightforward, but consider it more deeply; what truly is a business? I’m talking about the values, identity and culture that make a particular business what it is.

This word – culture – is key. The atmosphere internal to an organization, the image it projects, the way in which it pursues its objectives; all of this is what provides a business with its personality, the unique element which sets it apart from the rest. This is all intrinsic to culture, and culture is intrinsic to a healthy operation.

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Lee Ellis, President, Leadership Freedom® LLC

Do you watch trends? For some leaders, it’s easy to pick up on patterns and trends in business and culture. For other leaders, it’s not as intuitive. Unfortunately, the decline in accountability and honorable behavior in our culture is a hard trend to miss. The business sector is making some good inroads to stem this tide, but it’s still a challenge at every level from the executive office down to the warehouse. Dishonorable behaviors have always been a problem especially where there is power or money at stake. If you’re concerned about this downward trend affecting your bottom line performance, what can you do?

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Ann Skeet, Director of Leadership Ethics, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University

Since the story broke that VW deliberately buried emissions results in its software, plenty has been written about this case of corporate malfeasance, perhaps more than any since Enron.  

The Volkswagen brand crisis seems fairly straightforward to me. With no mission or values, I contend there is no hope for achieving VW’s goals ethically and in a way to sustain the company.  



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