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Greta Schulz, Sales Consultant

There is a glass sitting on a table with water filled halfway up the glass. Some see the glass half full, some half empty. Which is correct?  Neither. Both. This old saying is a terrific illustration of seeing things through your own filter. Most things in life are subjective, merely subjective. When you hear a salesperson say, “I had a great meeting and this guy is very interested. I feel like it’s 95% closed”. You analyze the account yourself and realize it really wasn’t qualified properly, your salesperson didn’t discuss the dollars it would take to get the job done and most importantly, he isn’t truly the decision maker. You would put a 50/50 chance on this at best.

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Chip R. Bell

What would an Easter egg hunt be like if the location of all the eggs were clearly marked with a red flag?  How would you like receiving a birthday present without any wrapping or colorful bow to open...just a Post-it note on the box with a handwritten: “Thought you’d like this dark blue tie?”

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Ron West, author of “Corporate Caterpillars: How to Grow Wings”

By the time most business leaders utter those immortal words “you’re fired” they are usually massively relieved. It is often said that no leader ever wishes they had waited before firing an employee. Most wish they had done it much sooner. But does it really have to be that way? Is there no alternative? Actually, there are five things that you can do to avoid firing an employee.

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Jeremy Kingsley

It’s a uniquely American success story. A Louisiana guy who liked to hunt and work with his hands set up a shop in his shed, then discovered he could make a good living selling his handmade duck calls. One of his children had a talent for business, got a degree and took over as CEO, and working together the family grew their homespun industry into a major enterprise.

Brad Smith, Executive VP, Customer Experience, Sage North America

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve probably seen that big box retailers are already slashing their prices in anticipation for Black Friday, and with good reason: shaky consumer confidence has many people on edge heading into this holiday season – businesses big and small alike. 



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