Sales is a company wide responsibility to help the frontline sales person capture revenue and keep the buyer financially engaged with the firm.

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Recently a seasoned salesperson admitted that he is experiencing Sales Call Reluctance. He shared that he has been wildly successful and unstoppable until recently. A shift in his industry has thrown him for a loop. He’s developed a viable plan for a new market, but he is frankly “afraid to pick up the phone.”

Greta Schulz, Sales Consultant

There is a glass sitting on a table with water filled halfway up the glass. Some see the glass half full, some half empty. Which is correct?  Neither. Both. This old saying is a terrific illustration of seeing things through your own filter. Most things in life are subjective, merely subjective. When you hear a salesperson say, “I had a great meeting and this guy is very interested. I feel like it’s 95% closed”. You analyze the account yourself and realize it really wasn’t qualified properly, your salesperson didn’t discuss the dollars it would take to get the job done and most importantly, he isn’t truly the decision maker. You would put a 50/50 chance on this at best.

Thomas Freese

Sales used to be a relatively simple act. Sellers would go out into their respective territories, build relationships, probe for needs, and then espouse the value of their products and services. Don’t get me wrong—sellers are still doing all of these things, it’s just not that simple anymore, and here’s why.



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